Japanese Tea Set: $24

Paper Trees: $4 each

Tea Cup Soy Candles: $15 each

Justin Iguana Skin Cowboy Boots (8.5 men's): $40

Vintage Brass Deer: $16 for pair

AuthorRyan Johnson

We’ve recently had a handful of people come into the store, sift through a rack of clothing, and with pleasant surprise, say that they would have come in sooner had they known that our prices were so reasonable.  They go on about how they’ve driven by but didn’t come in because they assumed that they couldn’t afford to shop here… hence, the new banners in the window.  So, if you happen to be reading this and you’ve never shopped with us, here’s a typical range of prices at Fringe & Fray:

  • women's tops  $7-$14
  • dresses/skirts  $7-$28 vintage is priced a bit higher
  • jeans  $12-$25, designer jeans $40-$50
  • shoes  $10-$15
  • jewelry  $10-$35
  • men's shirts  $7-$14
  • men's jeans  $12-$50
  • home decor  $10-$50
AuthorRyan Johnson